Challenges & Applications


Concrete release agents consist of a combination of mineral oil, ester/plant oil and paraffin, together with various additives. The additives may take the form of solvents in order to reduce viscosity. Release-enhancing substances such as fatty acids that react chemically with the concrete water may also be employed. They form a metal soap which functions as an easily fractured interface between the hardened concrete and the formwork, ensuring a clean break and separation. Other additives minimise porosities and blowholes and/or ensure temporary corrosion protection for steel formwork. Our Ortolan portfolio of concrete release agents comprises five product ranges: Ortolan Basic, Classic, Extra, Premium and Bio. Each of these satisfies a different set of requirements, enabling you to produce everything from standard concrete surfaces to first-class fair-faced finishes, without any influence being exerted on the hardening behaviour or the colouring of the concrete product. Our concrete release agents can also be relied upon to protect and maintain your formwork.


Equipment that comes into daily contact with fresh concrete or mortar, such as mixers, ready-mix trucks and transporters, site tools and steel formwork, requires the right protection to ensure its long-term availability. Ideally, an effective mixer protection coating should be applied to any item which is likely to have its lifespan shortened by fresh concrete or mortar adhering to its surface.
Our mixer protection products from the Intaktin range are ready to use, solvent-free and easy to spray, ensuring simple but effective cleaning. Regular usage creates a protective film, providing added protection against equipment corrosion.


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