Challenges & Applications


Permanently damp masonry endangers the building fabric and can result in rooms becoming uninhabitable.  If the masonry is also salt-laden, the potential for damage increases exponentially. In these cases, spalling of the render and paint, as well as other damage to the overall structure becomes almost inevitable over the medium term.

The EXZELLENT moisture regulating render from MC-Bauchemie is an efficient solution for the effective rehabilitation of damp and salt-loaded masonry. EXZELLENT is ideal for both internal and external applications, including in the lower base areas, and is applied directly to the damp masonry, even in cases of moisture saturation up to 95%. The render system exhibits a unique macro pore geometry which, in contrast to conventional WTA-compliant restoration renders, enables the moisture and salt to be transported to the wall surface without damage to either the render or the masonry.


While a durable and effective damp proof course is installed as standard in new builds, in older structures it is often found to be leaky or not present at all.  This means that damp and the salts dissolved therein can rise from the surrounding soil into the masonry, often causing untold damage. In contrast to mechanical waterproofing systems, which are usually very expensive, the horizontal barriers from MC-Bauchemie offer  simple handling, easy installation and fast, effective and durable protection against rising damp.

Oxal HSL-W provides an optimal cross-linked waterproofing membrane through the wall cross section, protecting the component and eliminating dampness as the primary cause of damage.  In addition, the horizontal barrier is permeable to water vapour and thus breathable – allowing the diffusion capabilities of the masonry to remain intact.  


The Oxal RM product family from MC-Bauchemie contains speciality spray mortars offering limitless possibilities for the creative sculpting and formation of artificial rock structures, for example in zoos or theme parks, and for the construction of special masonry structures, reliefs, surface textures or other moulded forms. 

Oxal RM offers a combination of outstanding application properties, enabling intricate sculpting work with exceptional adhesion and strength.  The speciality spray mortars are microsilica-modified, highly resilient and load-bearing, and are even suitable for underwater installations.

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