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ombran - Underground Sewer Systems


Challenges & Applications

Water-tight liner attachment

The attachment of pipe liners to drainage and sewer manholes is a highly sensitive area, one in which the occurrence of leaks is a constant concern. With Konudur Flexfit, MC-Bauchemie has now developed a reactive resin filler and sealant that can be used to provide a permanently flexible connection for attaching locally curing pipe liners to shafts and manholes easily, quickly and safely.

Developed as a special-purpose two-component reaction resin, Konudur Flexfit is characterised by its easy workability, its high moisture compatibility during application, and its very rapid resistance to water.


Sewerage structures are subject to permanent high biological, chemical and mechanical attacks, often developing significant signs of wear, tear or damage after just a short time in service. Such phenomena can endanger the entire structure and, in the event of leaks or functional failure, also endanger the environment. Instead of a cost-intensive complete replacement, coating of the damaged manholes and sewers with a high-performance mineral mortar is an efficient and cost-effective alternative. With ombran MHP-SP 3000, MC-Bauchemie offers a new generation of mineral coating which is applied onto the manhole or sewer walls, protecting them with a high level of both chemical and mechanical resistance. Certified as grade B2 / XWW4, they satisfy the highest possible requirements for coating mortars and are ideally suited to automated application with the MRT truck (Manhole Rehabilitation Technology) available from MC-Bauchemie. By means of this, the material advantages described are combined with an optimised application process that enables manholes to be coated faster, more simply, more reliably and with greater cost-efficiency, while also ensuring increased and reproducible quality.


In industry in particular, but also in the public sector, sewerage structures need to withstand exceptionally tough operating conditions. Cement-bound materials are frequently taken beyond the limit of their performance capabilities once they come into contact with acidic media and biogenic sulphuric acid. In the pH range below 3.5, or under conditions of heavy variation in the pH value, components can undergo serious damage. The ombran CPS coating system from MC-Bauchemie protects your sewers and manholes against extreme attack. The hybrid silicate technology provides maximum chemical resistance both in acidic and also basic pH ranges. A trimerisation reaction gives rise to a dense but yet water vapour-permeable matrix which is impenetrable to harmful substances. This effectively prevents also damage caused by osmosis in the presence of rear moisture penetration.


Damages encountered in non-accessible parts of the sewerage system can include cracks, missing sections of wall and leaks at sockets and lateral connections. Durable rehabilitation of such degradation is vital in order to achieve leak prevention, stability and, above all, environmental protection. However, the repair work is always going to be hampered due to lack of accessibility. It is therefore essential to use complex robot technology and rehabilitation materials specifically aligned to these processes. The epoxy resin system Konudur Robopox 10 from MC-Bauchemie represents a reliable and versatile solution in the robot-aided, loadable repair of non-accessible sewers and can be used with a wide range of different robot systems. It cures cold or warm – and even under water – and exhibits outstanding adhesion, good mechanical properties and high resistance to chemical attack. Konudur Robopox 10 can be used both for the rehabilitation of defective lateral connections and for the repair of cracks, defects and faulty sockets.


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