Challenges & Solutions

As a technology leader in the field of concrete engineering for power plant applications, MC offers an extensive range of solutions for both the construction and the maintenance of thermal power plants, be they gas-fired, coal-fired or nuclear. With everything from concrete admixtures and structural waterproofing systems to special protection and repair technologies at their fingertips, our power plant experts are able to effectively focus on preserving and thus extending the life cycle of the facilities concerned.

Concretes for every application

Optimise your concrete with MC additives and admixtures

The requirements placed on the concretes used in power plant construction are many and varied. The spectrum encompasses bulk concretes for floors and foundations, concretes adapted to climbing and gliding formwork construction, acid- and hydrolysis-resistant concretes for natural-draught cooling towers with flue gas discharge, and more besides. With additives and admixtures from the MC-PowerFlow and Centrilit product families, each concrete mix design can be readily optimised for the job in hand.

Improved chimney and cooling tower construction

Smooth building with lasting resistance

Particularly high demands are placed on the concretes developed for the climbing and gliding formwork construction methods used in building chimneys and natural-draught cooling towers – here, uninterrupted building progress is a must. Accelerators of the MC-FastKick series are specifically designed to achieve the high early strengths required. MC also offers a broad range of reliably effective release agents from the Ortolan product family to ensure that the concrete surfaces are kept as smooth and free from porosity as possible.
Cooling towers with flue gas discharge are exposed at the inner shell to high levels of acid condensate with pH values in excess of 3.5. By using Centrilit NC, a new generation of phyllosilicate, or Centrilit-Fume SX, a special silica suspension, alone or in combination with superplasticisers from the MC-PowerFlow product family, you can create a highly acid- and hydrolysis-resistant concrete to ensure extensive operational campaigns without the need for interim maintenance.

Simple, fast and reliable power plant waterproofing

Simple, fast and reliable power plant waterproofing
Simple, fast and reliable power plant waterproofing
Simple, fast and reliable power plant waterproofing
With classic and bitumen-free barrier compounds from MC

In the power plant sector especially, structural waterproofing has to be utterly safe, reliable and durable. Leaks and damage from rising damp can lead to serious secondary problems. Hence we offer planners, specifiers, principal clients and applicators time-saving, economical and reliable solutions ranging from the classic thick bituminous coatings of the Nafuflex product family to the bitumen-free, "green" structural waterproofing barriers of the Expert Proof family – all backed up by a comprehensive service package to ensure you maximum dependability from planning to final outcome.

Power plant protection for enhanced durability

With new-build concrete-curing and surface-protection systems

One critical step to the success of a construction of a wind power structure is the safe assembling and consolidation of the vertical joints between the concrete parts by using grouts and adhesives of MC like Emcekrete 80 and MC-DUR 1300 Plus. This provides you with the best technical properties for these kind of applications and even helps yout to reduce the operation time for cranes.

Repair and refurbishment of cooling towers and chimneys

Repair and refurbishment of cooling towers and chimneys
Repair and refurbishment of cooling towers and chimneys
Repair and refurbishment of cooling towers and chimneys
Concrete replacement compounds for maximum assurance

Given their exposed location and the length of service lifetime expected of them, concrete cooling towers and chimneys require specific repair and surface protection systems tailored to their service requirements. With Nafufill SC 08, Nafufill GTS and Nafufill GTS-HS, we offer concrete replacement systems capable of meeting all such specifications. Whether structural strengthening or resilience against penetrative attack, the technical properties of these products are better than specified in any known standard, which means they offer the very highest level of assurance. As required in German code of practice VGB-Richtlinie 613, for example, these systems are unaffected by curing treatments. For small-scale repairs, concrete replacement compounds Nafufill KM 250 and Nafufill KM 250-HS deliver an excellent, trowel-applied solution.

Long-term preservation of cooling towers and chimneys

Effective surface protection solutions

If exposed exterior concrete surfaces of cooling towers and chimneys are to be properly preserved over the long term, the surface protection systems applied need to withstand a variety of attack phenomena – both operational and environmental. With the modular MC-Color family of surface protection products, you can be sure of meeting all the demands likely to arise. Comprising the three product lines MC-Color Proof, MC-Color Flair and MC-Color Flex, the range has a solution to virtually any requirements profile: transparent, pigmented or crack-bridging, with graffiti protection as a further option. MC-Color even offers fast, economical system solutions for the curing of concrete replacements.
For more severely stressed areas both in cooling towers with flue gas discharge and in the downwash sections of chimneys, we offer you MC-DUR VS NR 3 and MC-DUR VS-PUR, products with a proven track record in more than 200 cooling towers. As an alternative, our latest generation of surface protection systems, MC-DUR 2496 CTP, can be applied quickly and safely under virtually any weather conditions.
Alternating wet and dry modes of chimney operation? With MC-DUR 1450 CP you have at your disposal a surface protection system that safeguards both mineral and steel substrates against the effects of acid condensate.

Permanent protection for contamination-exposed structures

Permanent protection for contamination-exposed structures
Permanent protection for contamination-exposed structures
Permanent protection for contamination-exposed structures
Exceptionally resilient and resistant coatings

Seeking permanent protection for your fire water and cooling tower collection basins or other structures exposed to contaminated water? You need look no further than MC-RIM Protect, a waterproof, osmosis-resistant mineral coating whose functionality and durability is decades-proven, with excellent protection afforded even under exposure to elevated chloride concentrations (e.g. in marine environments).
The coating of transformer oil sump tanks in existing buildings is an exacting task. Zentrifix F 92 is impervious to transformer oil and contaminated water, yet open to water vapour diffusion – especially essential if there is no damp-proofing. It also offers excellent crack-bridging properties in compliance with the strict requirements of, for example, Germany’s Water Resources Act. This protective product fulfils every requirement and has been successfully applied in a great many reference projects.

Fast-application high-end coatings for industrial floors

Fast-application high-end coatings for industrial floors
Mechanically resilient, chemically resistant, conductive or insulating

The demands placed on floors are as varied as their uses. Manufacturing facilities, chemical collection basins, battery centres, control rooms – they all have their specific requirements. With our MC-DUR floor coating systems, we are able to deliver the right solution to give elevated mechanical resilience and chemical resistance, with the choice of conductive or insulating as a further option.
Need a fast fix? Say with a Friday afternoon start and productive operations resuming on the following Monday? Then take a look at MC’s complete, rapid-application floor system consisting of high-strength reprofiling MC-Floor Screed, the MC-Floor Connect range of noise-reducing jointing strips, and the fast-curing, exceptionally resistant high-performance coating MC-Floor TopSpeed.
The newly developed MC-Floor Screed industrial flooring system offers a reliable solution for the rapid repair of heavily used industrial surfaces, with rapid hardening and high wear resistance among its attributes. Meanwhile, the MC-Floor TopSpeed system enables industrial floors and external surfaces to be installed within a few hours, becoming fully load-resilient after just 48 hours.

High-performance injection systems

High-performance injection systems
Sealing cracks and cavities and preserving the structure

It is not uncommon for cracks in reinforced concrete structures to run deep into the reinforced zone or even separate entire components, with – if left untended – cavities also developing. Contaminants such as water or chlorides are then able to penetrate unhindered into the structural fabric, often causing serious damage likely to jeopardise the stability of the entire construction. With our MC-Injekt injection systems, you can reliably and permanently seal cracks, joints and cavities in concrete components, reinstating the structure’s functional integrity and enhancing its durability.

Systems for secondary component reinforcement

Restoring structural strength economically

Our MC-DUR CFK Lamellen (CFRP strips) and MC-DUR CF Sheets (CFRP non-woven web wrapping) serve to return weakened structures – particularly those with inadequate, corroded or damaged reinforcement – to their original strength at comparatively low cost and with relative ease.
Flexural reinforcement can be readily achieved both with MC-DUR CFK Lamellen glued into slots or onto the component’s surface, and by wrapping with MC-DUR CF Sheets. And these systems can also be ideally combined with the structurally effective concrete replacement systems of the Nafufill series to achieve a truly synergistic solution.

Systems for underground infrastructure maintenance and repair

Efficient rehabilitation of sewers and manholes

Need to refurbish your manholes, sewers or grease traps? Easy to apply and exceptionally resistant to highly aggressive mechanical and biochemical attack, our product systems from the ombran product family offer all you need for the entire spectrum of rehabilitation works involving underground and accessible sewerage structures and components.

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