Challenges & Solutions

One of the most important goals for every concrete goods manufacturer is to achieve high production output without loss of product quality. Concrete goods are mainly produced from earth-moist concretes. Due to their very low water content, they are naturally difficult to compact. A particular challenge lies in optimising the green strength of the mix in order to ensure fast and economical production. A flawless appearance is just as important, especially in the case of coloured concrete products. Achieving excellent colour brilliance means effectively reducing unwanted efflorescence. With our compaction aids and mass hydrophobes, we support you in the cost-efficient manufacture of concrete products of the highest quality. 

Optimum processing and compaction

Concrete Goods
Concrete Goods
Concrete Goods
Processing and compaction aids for high-quality concrete goods

We offer manufacturers multi-functional additives tailored to the production of high-quality concrete goods. Our aids and agents create a lubricating effect between the steel mould and the concrete, helping to improve the surface-quality of the goods once stripped. 

Intensify colours and reduce efflorescence

Mass hydrophobes for an impeccable finish

Our high-quality concrete product additives combine excellent processing properties with a powerful hydrophobic effect. This reduces efflorescence and enhances the appearance of coloured concrete products.

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