• Single component
• Ready to use, requires only the addition of specified amount of water.
• High flowable mix with the use of minimum water content Good flow properties
• High initial and final strengths
• Shrinkage controlled, with high early strength.
• Excellent bond to all concrete substrates.
• Flowable with no risk of honeycomb or segregation.
• High compressive strength with low permeability.
• Resistant against atmospheric gas, frost and thaw cycles.
• Excellent resistant to Chloride, Salts and Chemical attack.
• Low alkaline and chloride free product.


• Repair of structural concrete section where it is difficult to cast mortar.
• Structural elements repair.
• Casting over steel Jacket of columns for adjusted loads.
• Damaged reinforced concrete repair.
• Repair of defected concrete bodies.
• Ideal for filling larger voids repairs.
• Repair of concrete pavements.


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