Dubai Metro - Expo Link 2020

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Route 2020 spans 15km from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station to the World Expo's site, and comprises 11.8km of elevated and 3.2km of underground track.

Rail track work for Route 2020, as of RTA's announcement in March 2019, which is 80% complete, while stations for the development are 50-60% complete.

The Expo 2020 Dubai station being built within Route 2020 is more than 50% complete, with 90% of its metal structures installed. Work is under way to install the station's gold-rimmed winged metal canopy structure, with electromechanical activities so 30% completed.


Route 2020's Expo Station comprises a ground, mezzanine, concourse, and train platform floor each, and extends from Expo Village and Expo Mall in the west to Expo Yard towards the east.

Dubai Metro - Expo Link 2020
Dubai Metro - Expo Link 2020
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